TensorFlow examples from other sources

This page lists the links to useful TensorFlow resources from non-official TensorFlow webiste.

See his another post Convolutional Neural Networks Tutorial in TensorFlow (pdf) for a very good illustration and explanation about how CNN works and it is implementation in TensorFlow.

It contains sample code for feeding customized training data set from csv files. It used a simple logistic regression classifier to classify Emails.

Simple tutorials using Google’s TensorFlow Framework. Dependencies:   TensorFlow ; Numpy;  matplotlib.

From the basics to slightly more interesting applications of Tensorflow.

A brief tutorial on how to do asynchronous and data parallel training using three worker machines with each one using a GTX 960 GPU (2GB) and one parameter server with no GPU. I use a simple sigmoid network with a small learning rate to measure performance differences on MNIST. The goal is not to achieve a high accuracy but to learn about tensorflows distribution capabilities.