Computer Vision (CV) resources

This page provides some useful resources about computer vision (CV).

(Stay tuned, as I will update the content on this  page while I plow and grow in my deep learning garden:))

  • Books

  • Szeliski, R. (2010). Computer vision: algorithms and applications. Springer Science & Business Media. (book website; PDF link) .    [MIT, UCBerkeley, Princeton CV course primary textbook]
  • Forsyth, D. A., & Ponce, J. (2012). Computer Vision: A Modern Approach (2nd Edition). Prentice Hall. The first edition with the same book title was published on 2003.     [MIT, UCBerkeley CV course secondary textbook]
  • Prince, S. J. (2012). Computer vision: models, learning, and inference (book websitePDF link). Cambridge University Press.
  • Fisher, R. B., Breckon, T. P., Dawson-Howe, K., Fitzgibbon, A., Robertson, C., Trucco, E., & Williams, C. K. (2014). Dictionary of computer vision and image processing. John Wiley & Sons.
  • Hartley, R., & Zisserman, A. (2003). Multiple view geometry in computer vision. Cambridge university press.
  • Marr, D. (1982). Vision: A computational investigation into the human representation and processing of visual information. MIT Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts. (book website)
  • Bishop, C. (2006).Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Springer. (book website, PDF link)
  • Wilson, J. N., & Ritter, G. X. (2000). Handbook of computer vision algorithms in image algebra (2nd edition). CRC press.
  • Top and major CV conferences 

  • Top and major CV journals

  • IEEE PAMI (Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence) —  (1979 – present, monthly) [SCI indexed] (the best journal in computer vision)
  • IJCV (International Journal of Computer Vision)– (1987 – present) [SCI indexed; Springer]

(IJCV is typically considered on par with T-PAMI which is the best journal in computer vision. Review time should be ~4-5 months for first set of reviews and ~12-14 mo for final publication. A good way to get an estimate of time would be to browse through the recently published articles here –they list submitted date and publication date)


References and Further Reading List