Web development related concepts and techniques

This page provides a (glossary like) introduce to some web design/development related concepts and techniques. (Note: Those concepts and techniques in bold are essential concepts and libraries.)

(Stay tuned — I will update all the pages related to web development over time.)

  • Some common senses to know about computer requirement for web development/design:

Highly recommend to have a computer (labtop/desktop) with SSD (Solid-state drive) storage because it will speed up things a lot compared with traditional hard drives.

  • Powerful processors are not too important for web design

For web design, the speed of the computer is much more about the hard disk rather than the CPU. This is because you will be opening and closing a lot of files and the speed of this is all about hard drive. The few seconds that you save each time you open files and apps adds up to days!

Web design is hard drive intensive and hardly ever CPU intensive. get an SSD-based computer if you can for web design.

  • High-speed internet

The internet is like car, the faster the better. Being able to upload and download files in a flash feels good. when we are searching for specific tips on how to do something on Google, speed is essential.

  • To start with your web development coding journey, you will need a code editor.
  • To start with your web development coding journey, you will also need an appropriate web browser: Google Chrome (preferred) or Firefox.
  • Some quick tips to remember:
  • Use descriptive (html) page names that tell  people (and search engine:)) what the page is about. For example contact.html, project_overview.html;
  • Do NOT contain white SPACE in your page names.
  • People do not like to read long paragraphs of text on websites, so it is better to use shorter paragraphs, bullet lists, and sub-headings.
  • Keep the look and structure of your web pages consistent across the website.
  • Remember that we always have to have an index.html page on the root of your website — this is the homepage.
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