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This page provides some good books about web design and development.

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(Note: the eBook – it was written for D3 v3 instead of v4, so some of the syntax will be unfamiliar. The concepts it goes over though are still applicable. )

(A new version of the book (2nd edition, published in July 2017 by O’Reilly) can be found at here. Sample code files accompanying the 2nd edition book can be found at here. For the code examples shown in the first edition of the book (published March 2013), find version 1.0 on the releases page.)


Web Design – Start Here: A No-Nonsense, Jargon Free Guide to the Fundamentals of Web Design  Paperback – July 21, 2015 by Stefan Mischook )

several reviews about this book:

“The Book I’ve Been Waiting For Since 1998
By A. Gomezon February 28, 2017
Format: Paperback
I’ve been waiting for a book like this for ages. My first attempt to learn web design was back in the late 1990s as a young teenager. At the time, HTML 4 was all the rage, and CSS was pretty much nonexistent. I quit in the middle of my studies because the whole process was so convoluted. I waited until around 2007 to try again. However, at the time much of the technology was changing: CSS was more ubiquitous, XHTML was dominating, and everyone seemed to be using Flash or WYSIWYGs. I never liked either of these, and I’ve always wanted to code from scratch. So again, I postponed my entry into the field until the standards were all settled down.

Fast forward to 2017 and the terrain is more clear: HTML 5 is the standard, jQuery and Bootstrap are looking like the future of simplifying the web development world, and CSS3 has replaced Flash as the multimedia heavyweight on the web. My problem was where the heck do I start? There’s so many ways to skin the web design cat, and so many technologies to put it altogether. It’s overwhelming and intimidating. I needed a good overview of the process and common practices in the field. This is the book for that. Will you be able to develop sophisticated sites with the knowledge from this book? No. The book focuses on breadth, not depth. That said, you could most definitely get something up and running from the contents of this book alone. Again, it won’t be winning any awwwards anytime soon, but it’s workable.

What this book does is give you a birds eye view of the process of web design and development. After being equipped with this broad view on the subject, you can then choose your own adventure and decide: do I want to learn coding by hand and get deep into the features of CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP and XML or JSON? Or do I want to learn these techs on a superficial level and then use a WYSIWYG more effectively? Or do I want a basic understanding of these techs and then move onto mastering Bootstrap and jQuery to do most of the work? Or do I want to mostly use CMS products like WordPress and Drupal, and learn just enough to make templates for them?

This book is a directory in that it guides you through the busy world of web development and design, and then presents all of the different paths to pursue a career in the web world. From there, it’s up to you to further your education in the path of your choosing. Good luck!”