How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Along with Windows 10

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There are already some great existing posts about dual boot Ubuntu along with windows (see some great examples in the section below), so I wont repeat the process, but here I will provide some tips while I install mine.


Good existing resources

***How to Dual Boot Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Along with Windows 10 (by James Kiarie · Updated April 29, 2020)

A dual boot setup is a setup that allows users to have multiple operating systems installed on a single hard drive, each independent of each other. Each operating system has its own set of software and drivers which allows it to access the hardware components of the PC and other peripheral devices. During the booting process, users can select the operating system they’d like to boot into without affecting the other.

In this topic, you will learn how to dual boot Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) along with Windows 10.

Requirements for Dual Boot:

Before getting started, ensure you have the following:

    • A bootable USB / DVD medium of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
    • A fast and stable internet connection

This article also assumes that you have a copy of Windows 10 already installed locally on your PC.

Step 1) Create a free partition on Windows 10

Before proceeding to install Ubuntu, we are going to create a free partition which we shall use later in this guide to install Ubuntu 20.04. We need to access the “Device Manager” in Windows to create a new partition.

So, open the ‘Run’ dialogue by pressing Windows Key + R. Type diskmgmt.msc and hit ENTER.

This opens the ‘Disk management’ window that displays all the disks attached to the PC and partitioned volumes. From the image below, you can clearly see that we have 1 hard disk with 1 partition labelled (C:)

To create a separate partition for Ubuntu, we need to shrink this volume and create an unallocated space. So, right click on the volume and select ‘Shrink’ as shown:


**How to install Ubuntu 20.04 alongside Windows 10 (Dual Boot) [by Korbin Brown, 13 May 2020]



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