NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal vs GTX 1080

This post introduces NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal, GTX 1080, and the comparisons between them.

In order to use TensorFlow with GPU support you must have a NVIDIA graphic card with a minimum compute capability of 3.0.

A single NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal is apparently much more powerful than a GTX 1080 graphics card if we do not consider their cost. But two GTX 1080 GPU cards will outperform a single NVIDIA Ttian X Pascal and from the financial cost perspective, two GTX 1080 will save your some money as well comparing to purchasing a single NVIDIA TITAN X. See my post, choose proper GeForce GPU(s) according to your machine,  for some detailed explanations.


  • NVIDIA Titan X – The fastest accelerator for deep neural network training on a desktop PC based on the revolutionary NVIDIA Pascal architecture

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