Look at this before installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Desktop and Server versions)

Known issues for Ubuntu 16.04:

currently impossible to boot a Xen hypervisor from grub in UEFI mode. However the package does not detect this and will set the default boot to Xen mode.

So for any machine in UEFI mode, do not install the Xen hypervisor (or enable legacy mode first).

For Dell computers the steps to change boot mode are below:

  • Restart the computer and press F2 (this key is for Dell computer, others might differ) while starting up. This enters the setup program. 
  • Select the Boot tab and change to Legacy Boot (i.e., disable UEFI mode), Secure Boot Off. After restarting, this shows the boot sequence and the order can be changed using +/- keys.

(in my case, if I choose Legacy Boot, the Secure Boot automatically turned off. but it is better to double check Secure Boot is turned off.

  • I then change the boot order to. CD/DVD. USB drive. Hard drive.


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