[01/2020] Liping has started her professorial career journey.

[01/2020] Liping’s CVPR 2020 DIRA workshop is calling for papers.

[11/2019] Liping is offering PhD and Master positions in GIScience and GeoAI, check out HERE for more details and how to apply.

[10/2019]  Liping’s CVPR 2020 workshop proposal on image retrieval and analysis has been accepted!

[10/2019]  Liping gave an invited talk, titled “Advancing Machine Learning and Machine Vision Using Topological Graph-Based Representations, Methods, and Algorithms”, at the New Mexico Big Data and Analytics Summit Conference in Albuquerque, NM !

[09/2019] Our paper (advised by Liping), titled “A topological graph-based representation for denoising low quality binary images“, has been accepted by the ICCV 2019 SGRL workshop !

[07/2019] Liping has received an exciting research grant about computer vision and machine learning funded by DOE LDRD program!

[06/2019] Our paper (led by Liping), titled “Image classification using topological features automatically extracted from graph representation of images” , has been accepted by the KDD 2019 MLG (the 15th International Workshop on Mining and Learning with Graphs) Workshop !

[04/2019] Our paper (led by Liping) , titled “A novel algorithm for skeleton extraction from images using topological graph analysis”, has been accepted by the CVPR 2019 Workshop Deep Learning for Geometric Shape Understanding!

[04/2019] Liping has accepted an offer — a tenure-track assistant professor at University of New Mexico — received in February 2019!

[03/2019] A paper led by Liping on using (deep) machine learning paper for flood detection, titled “Analysis of remote sensing imagery for disaster assessment using deep learning: a case study of flooding event”, has been published in the Springer journal Soft Computing (indexed by Science Citation Index)!