(Geo) VIZ resources

This page provides some resources about VIZ or GeoVIZ.

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(Geo) VIZ Scholars/Groups

(There are videos and demos for some VIZ tools on Dr. Shixia Liu’s home page under Publications)

Some selected papers from Dr. Shixia Liu’s research group:

Liu, S., Wang, X., Collins, C., Dou, W., Ouyang, F., El-Assady, M., … & Keim, D. (2018). Bridging text visualization and mining: A task-driven survey. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics. (PDF, tool — a visualization tool that is part of a survey of text visualization & mining) 

Liu, S., Wang, X., Liu, M., & Zhu, J. (2017). Towards better analysis of machine learning models: A visual analytics perspective. Visual Informatics1(1), 48-56.

Jiang, L., Liu, S., & Chen, C. (2018). Recent research advances on interactive machine learning. Journal of Visualization, 1-17.

Liu, S., Chen, C., Lu, Y., Ouyang, F., & Wang, B. (2019). An interactive method to improve crowdsourced annotations. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics25(1), 235-245.

Liu, S., Andrienko, G., Wu, Y., Cao, N., Jiang, L., Shi, C., … & Hong, S. (2018). Steering data quality with visual analytics: The complexity challenge. Visual Informatics.

Liu, M., Shi, J., Li, Z., Li, C., Zhu, J., & Liu, S. (2017). Towards better analysis of deep convolutional neural networks. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics23(1), 91-100.

Selected papers:

Sacha, D., Sedlmair, M., Zhang, L., Lee, J. A., Weiskopf, D., North, S., & Keim, D. (2016, August). Human-centered machine learning through interactive visualization. ESANN. (PDF)

Selected papers:

Bernard, J., Hutter, M., Zeppelzauer, M., Fellner, D., & Sedlmair, M. (2018). Comparing visual-interactive labeling with active learning: An experimental study. IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics24(1), 298-308. (PDF)


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(Geo) VIZ Charts

The Most Searched for Visualization Types, Tools, and Books

Finding D3 plugins with ease.

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(Geo) VIZ Tools

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Good (Geo) VIZ  Posts:

Great post. If you do any visualization or computer vision, these are things you need to know (but most people still don’t know:))


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